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    Creating a brand new e-shop means a lot of work, a lot of planning and a lot of strategy. Having clear goals established and uncovering the best procedures to accomplish those goals is key to developing and maintaing a business. In this aspect, we count on our Marketing Director to guide our teams efforts and resources! 


    In this segment of #BLINKTEAM, we will be talking with Miglė Grybinienė, our Marketing Director, understanding a bit better where BlinkShop is and where it is headed to - in her own words!


    1. Tell us a little bit about your past professional experiences that led you up to joining BlinkShop.

    Marketing is my passion! Throughout my professional career, I’ve been able to live and develop this passion through the pharmaceutical business. While working with medicines and food supplements in worldwide companies, such as Novartis and Gedeon Richter, I experienced the importance of finding the best solution for each person. Now, driven by new challenges, I joined one of my best friends, Vaida Noreikienė, to develop her dream project together: BlinkShop

    2. When it comes to BlinkShop's marketing strategy, what has been done and what are the future plans?

    Our first main focus was to create an intuitive platform, where the purchase process is quick and easy, the navigation is simple and all the information is accessible. This is still a work in progress and we believe it will be for many years to come, as we intend to be attentive to our customers feedback and always improve their experience. Currently, we are working on building BlinkShop’s notoriety, getting our brand and our offer out there through digital marketing. In the future, we aspire to be able to get even closer with our customers, personalizing our offers even more and getting to connect with you on a more personal and physical level.

    3. What are the main goals that you intent to reach with BlinkShop, short and long term? 

    BlinkShop is a “newborn” for the whole team, created especially to supplement our beloved Portugal and it’s people. The goal is for our e-shop to be a place that satisfies beauty needs in a fast, reliable and sustainable way. Alongside that, we value the connection with our customers, treating each one as an individual and providing exceptional offers as a gratitude for their loyalty. This is why we are always ready to have a personal contact with you, hearing your questions and needs, and covering them as much as possible. So, for the short term, our goal is to win your trust and loyalty, through great service and exceptional offers. As for the future goals – we intend to grow, expand and Spread the Beauty through the whole Europe

    4. How do you think BlinkShop will stand out in the market?

    BlinkShop is built by real people with a real passion and we want to transmit that to our customers as much as possible. How each one of us contributes to this project, what each member of the team likes and how each person can best provide for you. I think this personalized and open approach is quite unique within the Beauty Ecommerce. We order products from shop’s but we don’t really know who we’re buying from. We want to be different, transparent, and we want to get to know you as much as we want you to get to know us. We are proud of the team we’re building, and we believe you will as well! 

    5. What is your favorite part of the job?

    I am a team player, so I reach maximum satisfaction when we are able to reach our goals together, cooperating! It’s a great feeling to be able to celebrate the small and the big victories with your team members. Also, I’m always very excited for the paths we uncover as we are trying to reach those goals: the changes we make, the lessons we learn, the discovery of new processes and more efficient ways of performing and especially how each one of us can contribute with different inputs and approaches.

    6. Share with us a personal picture that represents you and briefly explain why it does or why it is important to you. 


    This picture says a lot about me. Firstly and most obvious – I love tennis! This sport takes the big part of my leisure time. It also reflects my wish to have joy in every activity I take and the efforts to win the game – independently if it’s tennis, pharma, beauty sector or any other kind of the project I take part in. 











    7. Top 4 beauty products?