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    The relationship we establish with each of our clients is crucial to the development and good image of a brand. At BlinkShop, we value personal, customized, direct and immediate contact. That's why we have direct communication channels with our customers and we try to ensure that the response time to each of their questions is as short as possible. In this sense, we have a voice - Raquel's voice. Shall we get to know her?


    Today, we're talking to Raquel Bajanca, our Communications Assistant & Customer Support! Let's find out more about what happens in contact with customers and what their concerns are!


    1. Tell us a little bit about your past experiences that led you up to joining BlinkShop. 

    I've always been very interested in humanities, especially the complexities of interpersonal relationships and communication between people.

    During my bachelor's degree in Culture and Communication Studies, I worked as a Customer Service Assistant and it was from this experience that I was able to confirm my love for customer service. Being able to help people with their questions and provide them with a positive experience has always motivated me. I'm also very interested in the world of cosmetics and, because I suffer from eczema, I've always tried to understand the composition and benefits of the products I use. 

    2. What kind of feedback do you get from customers? 

    I'm pleased to say that we receive very good feedback from our customers! It's very rewarding to know that our work is appreciated and that we've managed to ensure great service for our customers throughout the entire purchasing process.

    We are also very happy to know that our customers equally appreciate our eco-sustainable packaging

    3. What are the most frequent questions customers ask and what are we doing to resolve them? 

    Our customers' main concerns generally center around three areas: payment methods, stock availability and advice on beauty products.

    It's very important for us to understand what our customers' main concerns are and we are currently working on implementing more payment methods, such as Multibanco and MBWay payment options, and a personalized Beauty Advise service in order to guarantee the best possible service! We are also constantly working to ensure that we have stock available of our products, especially our best-sellers. 

    4. How do you imagine contact with customers in the future? 

    I see contact with customers in the future as an even more personal experience, very much geared towards the individual needs of each customer. This is one of our main values, personalized and human contact, so we don't intend to go down the path of automation to communicate with our customers, a very common practice among other online stores.

    We really value personal contact and, in the future, we want to provide our customers with new opportunities to interact directly with the brand, such as events or face-to-face beauty advice sessions. 

    5. What's your favorite part of the job? 

    My favorite part of my job is having the constant opportunity to make a difference to each customer's experience. The direct contact with people and the ability to contribute to a unique and positive experience are aspects that motivate me every day.

    I especially like it when I have the pleasure of hearing from customers who remember me. It happens a lot more than I expected. Talking to people who already know my name, who remember some information that was shared between us in the past and, usually, the response from these clients is very warm. I really notice that the support we provide here at BlinkShop is valued and reciprocated in the friendliness of our customers. It's a pleasure for me to be the voice that represents us! 

    6. Share with us a picture that represents you and explain why it's important to you. 

    In this photo I'm at the NOS Alive music festival, where I had the chance to see one of my favorite bands live! I chose this photo because it represents my love of cultural subjects and participation in cultural events and projects. For me, culture plays a crucial role in our understanding of the world. Concerts, in particular, are moments when any cultural barriers disappear, and people come together through music, sharing emotions and experiences. In addition, I am part of a creative collective, where artistic expression is celebrated and promoted in various ways. 















    7. Top 4 beauty products?