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Klorane Rebalancing Shampoo With Galangal for Oily Hair and Anti-dandruff 400ml

  • Klorane Rebalancing Shampoo With Galangal for Oily Hair and Anti-dandruff 400ml

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    The Rebalancing Shampoo With Galangal from Klorane is indicated for oily hair and with dandruff. Its natural formula helps to control the oiliness of the hair, leaving it soft and shiny, and helps eliminate dandruff from the scalp.


    • Cleanses  

    • Anti-dandruff  

    • Soothes 



    Klorane Rebalancing Shampoo with Galangal for Oily Hair and Anti-Dandruff is a shampoo specially formulated for oily hair with dandruff. Its gentle formula, designed with 87% natural ingredients, treats both the hair and the scalp, ensuring an effective cleanse without causing damage.

    This shampoo is enriched with Galangal, a root commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, recognized for its purifying and soothing properties. The rapid action of this ingredient is four times more effective than Zinc Pyrithione, effectively eliminating both dry and oily dandruff.

    From the very first application, the scalp is rebalanced and cleansed. Additionally, this formula also helps to prevent the reappearance of dandruff, providing a feeling of freshness and long-lasting comfort.

    Suitable for daily use, Klorane's Rebalancing Shampoo with Galangal is the solution for a healthy scalp and revitalized hair


    Formulated with 87% natural origin ingredients. Biodegradable formula. 


    Hair Type
      Oily Scalp / Dandruff        
      Anti-dandruff, Cleansing, Soothing 
      Galangal, Lactic Acid