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Klorane Repairing Mask with Organic Cupuaçu 3-in-1 for Very Dry Hair 150ml

  • Klorane Repairing Mask with Organic Cupuaçu 3-in-1 for Very Dry Hair 150ml

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    The repairing mask with organic cupuaçu from Klorane is a multifunctional hair treatment that nourishes, detangles and restores shine to dry and damaged hair. Enriched with organic cupuaçu, this product is silicone-free and provides visible results in just 3 minutes.

    Hair type
    Dry hair

    • Nourishes 

    • Repairs  

    • Illuminates 



    Klorane 3-in-1 Cupuaçu BIO Repair Mask for Very Dry Hair is a treatment mask for very dry, damaged or brittle hair. Enriched with the incredible nourishment of Cupuaçu BIO, this mask is a multifunctional treatment that revitalizes the hair.

    With a rich, creamy texture, this mask deeply nourishes the hair, from roots to ends. Its intensive formula strengthens the hair, making it more resistant and less prone to breakage.

    The result is hair that is not only hydrated, but also easier to detangle, shiny and flexible.

    It can be used as a classic mask, applied and rinsed off after a few minutes. Similarly, it is suitable as a night mask, allowing the benefits to seep in deeply while you rest. Additionally, it works as a daily styling product, when applied to the ends for a touch of nourishment and style.

    The rich concentration of BIO Cupuaçu, with its nourishing and hydrating fatty acids, fills deep gaps in the hair structure, intensely nourishing the hair and giving it greater resistance. Its repairing capacity makes the hair soft, facilitates detangling and offers a new level of vitality for very dry hair.


    Formulated with 96% natural origin ingredients. Biodegradable formula. 


    Hair Type
      Very dry hair  
      Nourishing, Repairing, Illuminating      
      BIO Cupuaçu