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    Trust and transparency are some of our dearest values here at BlinkShop. As such, it would only make sense for us to share with you our people - the ones that build and grow this project each and every day, focused on providing you with the best service, offers and logistics, sustainably. 


    We will start by introducing to you Vaida Noreikienè, our Founder and CEO. Let's ask her a few questions to understand what brought her here and where she aspires to go! 


    1. Tell us a little bit about your past professional experiences that led you up to founding BlinkShop.

    I am a pharmacist and it was always very important for me to take care of other people – through health, comfort and even beauty. I’ve always worked within the pharma industry and, throughout the companies that I’ve worked with, grew a very big passion for the sector and for what it can provide to people. Within this field, I found that I am able to do what I’m good at as well as what I love. This passion for the business led me to found my own companies that actively support the pharma industry, both in Lithuania – my native country – and in Portugal – my second home. On the other hand, the cosmetics industry has always been something that I’ve been very interested in, from both a personal perspective, as a user/consumer, and as a professional one, since the best cosmetic brands are sold within the pharmacies. This interest brought us here! To this brand-new project that is BlinkShop. A project that I’m very passionate and enthusiastic about.

    2. Why does a Lithuanian woman choose to open an e-shop in Portugal?

    I have always loved travelling to different countries and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to visit most of Europe. Portugal, I have to say, is my favorite! The beautiful landscapes, the tasty foods (especially the sea-food!), the sunny weather, and, more importantly, the heartwarming people. I love the culture here and Portugal has been a country that has always made me feel very welcomed and at peace. Picking Portugal as the starting point for BlinkShop was an easy decision, just because of how much I love the country! With how the world is turning, I believe that an e-commerce business, focused on the best premium cosmetics brands, at affordable prices and with the best service possible, is the way to make beauty reach more people!

    3. Why "BlinkShop", as a name?

    Blinking eyes express sympathy, boldness and intimacy. Our goal is to share those feelings with you, creating a brand that you can trust, that you feel connected with and that inspires you to reveal your best self. Beauty is within all of us – we just need to let it shine! The “blink of an eye” also expresses something quick, which is another one or our goals: to be able to provide you with fast logistics, because we know how painful it can be waiting for our favorite products to arrive!

    4. What would you say are the biggest advantages and challenges about having a multinational team?

    It’s amazing working with a multinational team! We all have something new to add to the projects and each one of us can contribute in many versatile ways. The different cultures and work methods really make the team stand out and it’s always a learning experience with each other. The biggest challenge is probably the distance, as we are not able to be together all the time. But we use technology to our best advantage and are constantly in contact, making the barriers much smaller.

    5. What are your expectations for BlinkShop?

    First of all, we aspire to earn your trust, providing you with great customer support, fast logistics and one-of-a-kind offers! We want to become your go-to shop, the one you choose any time you need to restock your beauty and personal care products. On the other hand, we want to become a reference in the market when it comes to sustainability practices, as we know that e-commerce can be very impactful for the environment. You can learn more about how we are doing this in our blog article! Finally, we expect to be able to “blink” to more people, from other countries, continuing to spread the beauty!

    6. Share with us a personal picture that represents you and briefly explain why it does or why it is important to you. 


    It’s very difficult for me to only share one picture as family, team and good memories are all a very big and important part of me. But here, I will share a picture of me, my husband and my beautiful two kids at the beach! We loved this day all together and it’s a reminder that it is important to always spend good quality time with your most cherished ones

















    7. Top 4 beauty products?